Photographer Dan Bannino Captures Favorite Food Of The World’s Powerful People

Dan Bannino is a talented Italian photographer, art director and artist who currently lives and works in Turin. Dan likes to translate ideas into images, making photos that are telling stories. He shoots a lot of fine art, still life, food and portrait photography.

More info: Dan Bannino, Instagram, Facebook (h/t: photogrist)

Donald Trump:

““Power and Food” is a studio-reportage, exploring the eating habits of powerful and influential people like the Queen Elizabeth, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un and others. If you’re a fast food aficionado or a Pizza freak, you have more in common with Mr Donald J. Trump, and the Pope Francis himself then you ever imagine. Check out some of the most unexpected food patterns of the World’s Leaders, and you’ll never eat the same way again,” said Dan.

Angela Merkel:

Hillary Clinton:

Kim Jong-Un:

Marie Antoniette:

Pope Francis:

Queen Elizabeth II:

Santa Claus:

Vladimir Putin:



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